Sales Stars don’t use CRM (or do they?)

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Interesting question from Mike Muhney on Linkedin: What do you do when your top salesman refuses to use your CRM system? Here’s another: What do you do when the top sales person suggests that as the guy/girl who keeps the company alive, he/she should become Director/VP Sales? Should he/she be given a share in the business? I’ve seen that scenario played out a few times with interesting consequences. The question which intrigues me is this: Has anyone taken the time to get an understanding of what is going on in the minds of top (I don’t mean ‘very good’) sales stars when they say they ‘can’t’ use a CRM system (and they don’t mean won’t)? Is there something in their behavioral make-up that is creating some poorly-understood (insurmountable) ‘CRM/system’ aversion problems? Maybe even your best stars don’t understand what makes them tick; after all sales is not a science; it’s an act. There is a lot of ‘system believer’ logic in the judgment that a salesman who does not use the expensive CRM system that management have kindly purchased for him is doing so out of some kind of renegade behavior motivation. Does a sales force strategy based on ‘no stars’ lead to the kind of bottom line result we all want to see for our clients/customers? This may not be as daft as it sounds. So could this mean that the first step in your CRM rollout strategy is to fire all the sales stars and implement with only ‘journeyman’ sales professionals? This contribution is but an observation from one who knows he does not know. By opbservation however I note that many sales stars I have met are particularly intuitive and human and instinctive folk. I have been surprised that they are seldom nice-guy ‘pleasers’ as you might expect, but often irascible and not good at relationships with office-based colleagues (and bosses); clearly not ‘team’ players. If stars have a role to play in the corporate formula for making the biggest possible pot of money; what is it? Share...

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Supercharging Organic Growth

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Intellect’s business Development Forum features a half day seminar organised by JI-MC’s David Jefferson.  Sessions included David’s most recent insights into the problems and solutions to creating and managing a scalable selling resource. David shared his view that the business to business sales force is increasingly dependent on its committment to sales process.  The gifted ‘sales stars’ are often unconsciously competent and though productive, cannot pass on their magic to other team members. Malcolm Sleath gave a very insightful presentation of his 12 Boxes model for understanding the buyer’s mind-set as he moves through his buying process. Phil Shipperlee, himself a consumate salesman, shared his insights of techniques for managing future business relationships, and assessing liklihood of...

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Tell us what you want to do

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You are ready to grow. Your market is there and moving. Your part of the economy is not bogged down so the time is now. Mervyn King just said so, and Carney is on the way! You’ve survived. You know that in good times your business needs to be scalable, but you are not. So how do you get to ‘there’ from here? You can see that there is competition for the business that you want to close. The customer interface is where things need to change. More activity, more lead generation (and better lead qualification; don’t want to waste time). Is it marketing that needs expanding? Is your web site doing what it should? Is the social media thing quite beyond you? Is it sales relationships, more tele-selling, more staff? Working to what disciplines? Will a spreadsheet do? No, it will have to be a CRM database. Have you got a sales process? Is there a sales cycle understanding that you can pass on? Is your sales resource scalable (this is a very difficult area for SME’s seeking growth). We can help you build the customer interface with sales marketing, customer service web analytics; the whole package…. So tell us what you want to do. We’re different… We...

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