Sales Stars don’t use CRM (or do they?)

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Interesting question from Mike Muhney on Linkedin: What do you do when your top salesman refuses to use your CRM system? Here’s another: What do you do when the top sales person suggests that as the guy/girl who keeps the company alive, he/she should become Director/VP Sales? Should he/she be given a share in the business? I’ve seen that scenario played out a few times with interesting consequences. The question which intrigues me is this: Has...

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Professional Services IT Strategy

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IT Strategy for Professional Services Firm A client, typical of many today, approached us with a concern that the unreliable IT service they were supplying to the organisation made it difficult to secure the necessary credibility with top management to get the resource to put things right. This was the ultimate chicken and egg scenario for an IT function under threat! We carried out a survey to establish the kinds of issues which divided the IT...

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Business Strategy Development

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Business Strategy- Engineering An international engineering business neeeded to set a new direction in its development and a radically different business strategy was required. In conjunction with CEO and top management we explored the implications of changes in their industry, positions of competitors, and new challenges in the coming 5 years. These issues had been causing concern and had been the source of conflict and anxiety in the top...

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Sales Force Development

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Developing Sales Force Capability to Support Diversification Our client had accepted some seriously ambitious corporate growth targets. In established areas of business their organic growth possibilities left them with a sizeable gap. Even with increased efforts the rate of developing substantially more new business was limited. They identified market sectors which required competencies which were within their traditional manufacturing...

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Supercharging Organic Growth

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Intellect’s business Development Forum features a half day seminar organised by JI-MC’s David Jefferson.  Sessions included David’s most recent insights into the problems and solutions to creating and managing a scalable selling resource. David shared his view that the business to business sales force is increasingly dependent on its committment to sales process.  The gifted ‘sales stars’ are often unconsciously...

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