JI Management Consultants works with CEO’s Directors and senior managers to develop and implement their strategic initiatives leading to accelerated business growth. Our specialist areas are Business Strategy, CRM, Customer Relationship Strategy, Project Management and IT Strategy.

JI Management Consultants are leaders in helping organisations in which business-to-business commercial relationships are of the essence. We offer objective advice, innovative solutions, and professional support for change.

Helping You Achieve Your Objectives

In the beginning, what we bring to our new relationship with you is our experience of business situations in many organisations, industries, functions, cultures, and countries. All our clients are unique; just like your organisation. The issues they faced may not have been exactly like to ones facing you, but our experience can help you to see your issues in a different way.

Best Practice

Somewhere in the complex world of how people work in organisations which are driven to achieve things, we have seen  repeated problems, dysfunctional situations and examples of brilliant performance by gifted individuals and well motivated teams. Our experience of best practice could help you to see farther… perhaps aspire to play a ‘bigger game’.


One of the most potent weapons in our armoury of tools is our open-mindedness about how your organisation works and how it might work if things could be changed. It’s strange, but our ignorance of your situation puts us in the best possible place to understand what you are facing even though you might have difficulty describing it yourself. Listening is one of our key skills; and asking searching questions is what our broad experience teaches us to do.


In addition our independence and objectivity allow us to place your issues into a larger context which brings you new insights.  These are typically difficult to generate within any organisation, team or culture. It’s achieved by stepping outside ‘the box’. And we will help you do just that!

Collaborative Style

How we help you to achieve your goals is in working with you, not doing it for you, and certainly not telling you what to do.  By progressing at your pace and using the resources you can make available, the success you achieve will truly be owned by your team, and that’s what makes the next success even easier!

Finding a Fit

We would very much like the opportunity of working with your organisation. To help us find out if our resources are appropriate for your needs, please register your interest by clicking on the envelope symbol at the top right of your screen. We look forward to meeting with you, listening, learning and working with your team.