Corporate Values

In all business dealings JI-MC expects to build partnering relationships with its customers, clients, associates, suppliers and others, based on trust and respect.

Professionalism: We contribute to our client’s success through proven expertise and its practical application. We actively maintain and renew our professional knowledge and we value our staff and their development.

Integrity: We will be honest and ethical in what we do, and act in the best interests of all parties involved.

Collaboration: We value our customer relationships and we aim to operate in a collaborative and consultative manner. We seek to achieve exceptional results. We believe this to be both effective and beneficial to our clients.

Respect: We respect all points of view even where ours may be different. We respect our client’s position and business objectives and value the strengths of our associates.

Achievement: We value success and achievement in our clients and in our own undertakings.

Openness: We are open with our clients and colleagues, seeking full and mutual communication.