At JI-MC we recognise that your organisation is unique and special. We respect your ways of working, we listen to your concerns, and offer flexible service packages designed to suit your priorities. We are committed to being absolutely clear about what we have to offer and how it will benefit you.

Find out about our range of business services below:

CRM and Commercial Business Relationships


JI-MC have acquired a unique insight into the critical success factors that bring real world effectiveness to CRM initiatives in organisations selling business-to-business (B-2-B).

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Improving Customer Lifecycle and Profitability


Is the profitability of your organisation being eroded by declining customer lifetimes?

Do you understand what is happening in your industry?

Do you need help to change the customer value proposition to improve customer retention?

JI-MC can help.

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IT Strategy that Works


Is the growth of your organisation being eroded by spending too much on IT and Communications?

Do you understand what is happening in the technologies that are driving the marketplace in which you must purchase your solutions?

Are you finding that IT is holding you back rather than leveraging your success?

Is the user dissatisfaction with IT draining their enthusiasm and energy to pursue the growth strategies of your organisation?

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