CRM and Business Growth

JI-MC have acquired a unique insight into the critical success factors that bring real world effectiveness to CRM initiatives in organisations selling business-to-business (B-2-B).

The Changing Dimensions of B-2-B Trade

  • Longer lead times on closing business
  • Broadening range of transaction sizes successful closing strategies and channels
  • Customer negotiating strategies hitting margins
  • Dependence on repeat purchases to achieve customer profitability
  • Long term relationships increasingly difficult to maintain
  • Diminishing ‘repeat-business’ returns
  • Increased competition
  • Increasing uncertainty about new business pipeline


CRM and Commercial Business Relationships

Following some 20 years of customer facing consultancy and systems projects, JI-MC have evolved a practical and realistic approach to bring success to B-2-B customer interface  projects. This has resulted in a framework process which is customised to guide each client’s CRM programmes.

Step 1- Assessment of Environmental Change.

  • Changing buyer culture- get to know the customers you still have
  • Research ‘equally’ competent competitors

Step 2- Meeting/Workshop with Senior Executives

  • Review of business strategy and importance of customer
  • Impact of failing to halt customer flight
  • Service and customer retention priorities

Step 3- Review of Business Development Priorities

  • Objectives of Sales and Marketing strategies
  • Assessment of new business pipeline
  • Sales Skills and Account Management

Step 4- Developing a Portfolio Management Approach to Customer Assets

  • Segmentiaton/Channel/Communication review including Marketing, Sales and Service
  • Winning and keeping strategies, including predatory targeting
  • Customer-Facing Culture, Skills, Competencies, Messages, Collateral
  • Role of System and relevance of the Web

Step 5- Implementation

  • Change management/consensus building/culture
  • Ownership/Buy-in/Lock-down

Step 6- Managing for Sustained Benefit

  • Capability to evolve
  • Agility in the face of rapid change