Addressing The New Service/Relationship Imperative

Is the profitability of your organisation being eroded by declining customer lifetimes? Do you understand what is happening in your industry? Do you need help to change the customer value proposition to improve customer retention? JI-MC can help.

Account Management

  • Sales-driven behaviours not welcomed by customer staff
  • New opportunities no longer offered exclusively to ‘trusted’ supplier
  • Real needs not understood by customer’s buying staff
  • Communication good but business delayed by decision-making processes

Service Standards

  • Components of good customer service appear valid
  • Delivery statistics look good but seem insufficient to create loyalty
  • Customer appreciation of service is low in the face of ‘good’ service

Understanding the Customer

  • Concern about asking customer what they want
  • Research and understanding
  • Buying decisions have several influencers with different attitudes

Customer Flight

  • Threatens profitability
  • Searching for a better deal
  • Low anxiety about trying other suppliers
  • Impatience with shortcomings in service

JI-MC Helping You to Succeed

Relationships with existing customers need to be managed to deliver longer term value. Unfortunately the buyer cultures facing you are changing away from ‘loyalty as a driver and towards ‘brand’; away from fear of change to trust in virtually any novel brand value proposition. How are you failing to meet customers’ needs and expectations? What is this costing you?

The process we use will be designed to fit with the exact Customer-facing issues you are struggling to resolve.

Understanding Your Customer

  • Customer interviews, customer courtesy visits, new communication processes
  • Technical needs and costs of service failures
  • Dimensions of expectation; what does relationship mean?
  • Nature of collaboration; what does partnership mean?

Priorities of the Customer Interface

  • Commitment to serve
  • Training and development
  • Culture/values/attitudes of customer-facing staff
  • Company service proposition and congruence with customer point of view

Remedial work will be designed in partnership with you so that your management understand and own the result. We believe that leadership skills will be important in creating sustained benefit, and in retaining congruence with a changing customer environment.

We would very much like the opportunity of working with your organisation. To help us find out if our resources are appropriate for your needs, please register your interest by clicking on the envelope symbol at the top right of your screen.