We are now offering training in using project management software. Organisations planning to use the Smartsheet system should get in touch with our office on +44-(0)-1234-214004.

Getting started with Smartsheet is easy; simply open up a free evaluation account and start typing! We offer support for setting up project templates, there is video training on the web, and on-site classroom training programmes can be set up to meet each client’s individual needs.

SmartSheet offers unique, higher level, options for corporate deployments. Top level visibility like never before is available. Our advice supports the development of corporate and dashboard reporting. Larger scale deployments need additional types of BI support. Project templates may need standardisation, agreed processes help ensure consistency in data. Also with larger scale adoption there will be top-management messages to be promulgated and organisational culture will benefit from some high-level leadership thinking.

JI Management Consultants is an accredited business partner of Cheetah Transformations and authorised implementer of Smartsheet Enterprise.

Our consulting role in underwriting corporate success will be to offer guidance and support for standards, documentation, and staff development.